Handcuffed in Newport Beach

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The Kooples Dress (here)

The dress where every photo looks good.  There’s something about the neckline and the color and the fabric that complements my face.  The two brands I trust for always being on point with exceptional quality are Joie and The Kooples.  They are pricey, but the secret is to try on all the clothes at the beginning of the season, make a list of what you want, then wait for the sale.  You may only get one piece a season, but really what more do you need? Continue reading “Handcuffed in Newport Beach”

Denizen Jeans + The Kooples


Blouse:  The Kooples (available at Nordstroms) |  Jeans: Denizen (available at Target)  | Heels:  Last Call Neiman Marcus (here)

The Kooples is a French brand that I discovered in Dublin last year.  I bought a gorgeous white sweater (on super sale) that will appear on the blog soon.  Nordstroms started carrying the brand and I was thrilled.  Granted, the prices are pretty high especially since we USA shoppers get hit by an import tax.  But the quality is superb.  The shirt is $195 in the U.S. but is 87 pounds in Europe on sale.  If you can buy the shirt in Europe it is worth it.  I’m wearing my Denizen $20 jeans…a great pair of jeans that are perfect when you are still losing weight and haven’t hit your ‘I’m ready to pay $200 for a pair of size 25 jeans weight.’  Any flaw in the jeans are a flaw in my figure, and I’m working on it!  I originally paired the shirt with a cute skirt, but the skirt in the correct size was back-ordered and ultimately the order was cancelled.  You win some you lose some, but yes…if you’re in Europe and can buy the shirt for 87 pounds…buy it!  The shoes are from Neiman Marcus Last Call and were $50, which is an amazing deal and I think they look perfect.  I’ve had real problems with shoes since one foot is one size bigger than the other, but NM Last Call heels have never let me down and are comfortable.  So those are a definite win!  Just gotta keep working at it to get those nice outfits.       Continue reading “Denizen Jeans + The Kooples”