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    90 Days Until the Wedding: June 7th

    Today my mother and I went into Copenhagen to see the church, Magasin, and go veil shopping.  We stopped by Skt. Ansgar’s Cathedral and it was beautiful as always.  Then I had an idea…we were just a few streets away from the florist, Lars Jons, and this was the perfect opportunity to stop on by!  So I dragged my mother over to his shop.  We met with Lars Jons and his wonderful assistant and discussed several options for wedding flowers.

    He said he would go and see the church and provide a list of options for us, so that will be very exciting!

    At the florist I saw a few table arrangements that he had done…one was very clever…a glass cylinder with a potted plant inside…I think it was a small herb…and then a rose embedded into the green leaves of the live plant.  It looked beautiful!  I went home and tried to copy it…but failed miserably.  This is why you hire a florist.

    Next stop was Magasin!  We went to the very top floor to have lunch.  My mom wasn’t very enthused as it had changed and her little lunch area was gone.  So we settled for some very uninspired smorrebrod.  But that’s ok…not everything can be perfect all the time!

    By now both my mom and I were pretty worn out but we still had one thing left on our agenda…Veil Shopping!

    So we headed to Casa Lezar, near Norreport, and took a looksie at their veils.  They had one that appeared perfect!  I made an appointment to come back the next day.

    Then my mother and I headed home.  We both fell asleep until dinner.  I went to Burn & Build, my new killer workout class.  And Nick was kind enough to pick me up at Vanlose.

    Nick made a very tasty traditional danish meat dish…meat patties, white sauce, with carrots and peas.  Nick is an amazing cook!

    Then Nick had one more birthday surprise for me.  The other day he asked me ‘What is your dress size and favorite brand from Zalando?’ and I said Str. 38 and Ivy & Oak.

    Nick bought me a gorgeous navy off-the-shoulder midi dress that fit perfectly and looked amazing with my Gianvito Rossi shoes!  I tried it on for him and my mom and both were very impressed.

    After that we headed off to bed to get ready for another long day.

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    90 Days Until the Wedding: May 31st

    In the morning I found some ‘Mother of the Bride’ dresses for my mom…My two favorite being…

    But they are VERY PRICEY…the first one is $280 and the second $500.  I’m also scanning Ebay.

    I didn’t do much throughout the day….I worked on ‘Dublin Diaries,’ I made ravioli, two smoothies for dinner (blueberry and peanut butter/date) and then I attended ‘Burn and Build’ at 8 pm.  Nick had to practically hold my hand before I left…but it went surprisingly well…

    Before Burn and Build

    After Burn and Build

    Then I went for a walk…

    And met a cat…

    Who scratched the shit out of me!

    Then I came home, had a freak-out over the cost of the wedding with Nick (Yeah…I’m hiring a choir…)

    And that was my day!!!

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    90 Days Until the Wedding: May 30th (What day are we on?)

    How many days until the wedding?  I don’t update my blog enough to keep track!  Oh well…so what did I do today….

    Not much!

    I woke up.  I made Nick his daily ‘Horror Juice’ and today I added extra Horror!  What is horror juice you may wonder?  Horror juice is one half of a lemon juice, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, all in hot-ish water (I boil water and add it to cold water.)  The ‘extra’ horror is when I put a full lemon’s juice in the cup and a bit more Bragg’s apple cider than unusual.  Then I give Nick a spoonful of apricot butter.

    After that I goofed off.  Then I went out on the town with my friend Emily!  We had this lovely lunch…

    I was able to say ‘No’ to my favorite donuts…

    During lunch we talked girl stuff…then we wandered over to the park and sat on the grass and continued chatting.  Today is the start of ‘Distortion’ which is a Copenhagen music festival where they play really loud techno music in the streets.  Kids were swarming everywhere…some of the girls were wearing embarrassingly skimpy outfits (garter belt with undies.)  It’s pretty sad actually because really…what is the outcome for most of these girls?  Though all societal stigma on all lifestyles has been removed…that doesn’t change the fact that not all lifestyles lead to equal amounts of contentment, fulfillment and long-term happiness.  But I digress…

    Then I went home…cleaned a bit…harassed Nick…and now my quiche just beeped from the oven.  So it’s time for dinner and I will probably continue watching ‘Northern Lights’ with Leann and Eddie on youtube.  It’s not a bad movie.

    I’m back from dinner and I hung out with a cat outside and then took selfies with facebook 🙂 🙂

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    90 Days Until the Wedding: May 29th

    This was Nick’s message to me early in the morning.  He is saying ‘scale’ and that’s because I’m trying to lose weight.  Ok, I’m not trying very hard…at all.  So he was teasing me.  Good video though!  I love it  🙂 🙂

    In the morning I went to the church to see if my flowers were still alive…and they were!  Some were thriving…only one died and he dried out the other week so no surprise that he didn’t make it.

    Then I proceeded to decorate the church room…

    That is my grandmother’s tablecloth and it looks good everywhere!  I am going to try to find more on etsy and ebay…but it’s not looking good.  So I ordered 10 white tablecloths last night from Amazon and will haul them to Denmark before the wedding in a giant suitcase.

    Rosa, the church office lady, she was very nice and gave me some hints that this Saturday there are two weddings in the church and I should come by and check out the decor they used.  So I will do that!

    What else did I do…I came home.  Nick and I had ravioli, broccoli salad, and blueberry smoothies for dinner.  I got an airbnb room for my videographers.  Then I electrocuted my face with Suzanne Somer’s FaceMaster (I call I the FaceMonster) while watching Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian in ‘Northern Lights’ the Nora Roberts book-movie that’s on youtube.  And that’s it…then Nick and I went to sleep.

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    90 Days Until the Wedding: Sunday May 27th

    Nick and I woke up bright and early.  We headed into Copenhagen to see the church and check on my plants and do more ‘flower color’ tests.  Unfortunately….no one was at church!  We have no idea what was going on…but the coffee and cookie room that everyone goes to was locked.  So our plan was squashed.  I will admit though that it was fun driving in the car with Nick early Sunday morning.  I can’t remember what we talked about but we had a fun time.

    We stopped by Kirsten’s bakery and got bread and a chocolate croissant.

    There was a little flea market outside the house.  So while Nick ate breakfast, I dashed in and out like a little bug buying things from the flea market.  I paid 40 kroner for a vintage teacup.  I’m such a sucker!!!!  The woman was nice and pregnant and I couldn’t say no!  Why did I do such a stupid thing?  But you know…I think  I made someone happy!  I just won’t go to Starbucks one day.  The other people were very nice and I got an old silver mirror that would be perfect for wedding decor, 2 tealights (they have a matching set at the red cross up the street which I will go pick up), 2 very nice flower bud tealights that look so good they are sitting on the living room table, and two giant Cognac Glasses which I don’t know why I bought…but I have them and I will use them for flower arrangements around the bar area.

    I also bought two ‘drommekage’ from the little girls sitting outside for me and Nick to enjoy.

    Then what did we do….I can’t remember!!  It was hot…but it’s always hot…I think I just sat in bed in the darkness and relaxed for the rest of the day.

    I may have attempted to clean my room…key word ‘attempted’ as it’s still dirty.

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    90 Days Until the Wedding: Saturday May 26th

    I woke up bright and early at 4:30 am.  It’s not that hard though because it’s sunny outside so it feels like I’m going out in the afternoon!  It’s better to be awake early in the morning than mid-day when it’s so hot.  I broke my pants.  Nick had a ‘man day’ and was out with his manly man friends.  They waterboarded, went to a restaurant, ate at McDonald’s and then watched a football match in a bar.  I was supposed to go out with a friend, but something was a bit  wrong with me and I fell asleep from 1 pm to 7:10 pm.  Then I knew I was in trouble so I avoided the phone (I also wasn’t feeling well enough to go downstairs.)  So I sat in bed and looked at flowers from Afloral.com while watching Hallmark Channel movies for several hours until Nick came home.

    Since I didn’t do anything, I’ll post photos from Nick’s Man Day.

    Very uneventful day!  But I did start to understand more about making a floral arrangements with fake flowers after spending hours of Afloral’s website.

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    90 Days to the Wedding: Day 82

    Today was truly a lazy Sunday!  I slept in until 11, and Nick slept in until 1:30 pm!!  We were both very tired, and stayed up way too late on Saturday.  While Nick slept I bought a ton of stuff off of Amazon, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus: Crest whitestrips, NYX PBTaupe11 for contouring my nose, Lancome Color Design lipstick in Fashion Icon, Lancome powder, YSL highlighter, DiorShow Brow Liner etc etc.  I also splurged and bought this lovely hat from Coolibar for only $12.95!  California girl and all, I have to protect my skin…even though I’m spending the summer in Denmark…it can get just as hot as in California.  I have to have everything I need for the wedding by June 4th which is my deadline for getting the suitcase  ready to take to Denmark.

    When Nick woke up we had a lovely breakfast downstairs…well it wasn’t that lovely…it is way too sunny downstairs at this time of year.  We really need an awning to protect ourselves from the heat and sun!  You can’t even watch television because of the glare off of the screen.  Modernistic large glass windows look cool but are so impractical.

    I then continued my obsession over choirs from 3-5pm.

    I finally wrote an email to a professional choir where each member costs $250 dollars.  I sent them a list of the songs I want sung at the wedding and asked ‘Can you do it?’

    I really want to walk in to the church to ‘Northern Lights’ by Ola Gjeilo…that’s why the obsession with church choirs.

    I also said yes to our Soprano who will sing Ave Maria and Panis Angelicus.  She is again, $250 dollars.

    While I was obsessing over choirs, Nick would occasionally walk into my room and rehearse his second stand-up set.

    At 5pm I stopped obsessing over the wedding and began getting ready for Nick’s Stand-Up Comedy.  His set was about the guy who took a shit on the floor of my workplace the other week.  I thought it was very funny…the audience on the other hand didn’t seem interested in bathroom humor.  Their loss!

    I wore my black sleeveless dress from Karen Millen and black heels.  I overdress to the comedy club, but I think it’s fine because it reflects well upon Nick to always have a wife who dresses to the nines when she is out with him.

    So yeah, I was the well-dressed supportive wife at the comedy club…and I recorded Nick’s set on my camera so he could come home and watch it.  The audience wasn’t so great last night and a lot of the other comedians felt a bit stressed.  Afterwords we hit up the grocery store and bought ice cream and potato salad.  Nick made paninis and I goofed off in bed…I have no idea what I did last night…but I didn’t go to sleep until 2 am again…bad Christine….

    So that was the day!

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    90 Days Until the Wedding: Day 83 The Royal Wedding

    I went to work for a few hours this morning.  And then I ran home to watch the Royal Wedding!  Nick had the bed all ready for me and when I hopped under the covers he turned on the tv and brought up the replay on youtube.

    I’m ambivalent on Harry and Meghan as a couple.  I think it will be fascinating to see if the marriage works out.  Everyone…and I mean everyone…thinks this is a bad marital match.  So if they do divorce…then I think it’s a big wake-up call to all the divorced people in the world.  It proves what I have long suspected…everyone saw your divorce coming long before the wedding day.

    However, Harry and Meghan have a great deal in common with their love of jet setting humanitarian causes and the camera.  People accuse Meghan of being in love with the camera…but Harry is just as bad.  He quit his military career to be a full-time travel-loving humanitarian with the Invictus Games.  So I think they are Perfect for one another on this front.

    Harry and Meghan also bizarrely look the same…the same nose for sure…the same side profile.  And they always say that couples who look the same stay together.

    But the argument for divorce is simple.  Both Harry and Meghan come from notoriously unstable families.  I’m no fan of Princess Diana, and marrying the youngest son who is the most similar to Diana comes at great risk.  William, thank goodness, does not take after his mother so he has a stable marriage.  Harry however is a spitting image of Diana…from the camera fawning, to the charity-as-full-time-job.  It’s possible that any relationship he enters will be short-lived and dramatic like all of Diana’s relationships.

    Both Harry and Meghan have also been ‘around the block’ as far as dating and relationships are concerned…which makes it that much more difficult for them to bond in a permanent way.

    It is the question of the century…Can two *possible* narcissists from unstable backgrounds have so many personality traits in common that they are able to form a stable, lasting, and loving union?

    We are all going to find out!

    Anyways…the wedding itself was very nice.  But there were hardly any flowers in the church…all the flowers were by the entrance.  Love, love, love the flowers by the entrance…very reminiscent of Millie Mackintosh’s wedding to the Professor Green.  I do wish there had been more flowers inside the church though.

    As always, the choir and music was fabulous.  Meghan’s dress was superb.  It was very similar to Christina Infanta’s dress…very standard-issue European royalty…but that is because it is so understated yet flawless.  Well done Meghan!

    The reception dress was Legend….I kinda want to copy it with this dress off of Etsy…

    After watching the wedding, I forced Nick to watch Sophie and Andrew’s wedding and then a bit of Infanta Christina’s wedding.  Sophie and Andrew still have the #1 Royal Wedding in my book…it is simple, elegant, understated, yet absolutely classy.  No wonder there marriage has gone from strength to strength!  Well done!

    So yeah, I spent the entire day soaked in the luxury of Royal Weddings!  And then I ate…Chocolate Ice Cream!

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    90 Days Until the Wedding: Day 90

    Yesterday was May 11th.  That means it’s 90 days until our wedding and I am officially stressed out!  We’re doing everything ourselves to save money.  I’m going to keep a quick diary of the next 90 days for posterity and about the planning process.

    I went to work at 5:30 am with a wakeup call of 4:30 am (yes I’m the only person who can wake up that early which is why I have that particular job.)  As I set up, I listened to King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain’s wedding.  They are like the Spanish version of me and Nick…he’s so tall and she’s so short (but much smaller than me…I have a lot of weight to lose)!

    Earlier this week I pissed off the church organist because I have no idea what to do as far as the choir and songs to sing.  But yesterday I realized my problem…compare the Royal Wedding of Sophie and Andrew…it’s perfect…wonderful…uplifting…joyous…cheerful.  The choir sings hymns with the churchgoers and it’s all very positive.  Now a Traditional Catholic wedding is much more solemn, mystical, and serious…but still intensely beautiful and moving.

    Which wedding do I want?

    The church organist just wants to play hymns and be done with it…but I don’t think that’s going to make me happy which was at the root of my passive aggressive behavior.  (Whenever I’m unhappy but can’t figure out why…I become irritating, annoying, and passive aggressive to those around me until I figure out what is causing this physical/emotional response.)

    So I have one week to solve my musical wedding ceremony dilemmas.  I have made a list of Gregorian Chants and hymns and everything else…I bought and downloaded “Latin High Mass for Nostalgic Catholics” which I have been listening to.  I’m watching all of the royal weddings (yippee!)

    Yesterday morning at work, I began to feel uneasy.  I walked outside and saw two men on the sidewalk, drunk, giggling and laughing like evil schoolgirls.  I went to the front of the building and began fussing with an outside table.  A manager walked by and greeted me.  Then I heard a door open behind me….I walked inside through the open sliding glass window (unofficial entrance) and the two men were now inside the building standing at the entrance.  I immediately turned around and walked out again as I smelled trouble.  Needless to say, when I came back inside…the men had shit on the floor of the entrance to my work.  Human shit on the floor.

    There was recently a very nasty firing, so we think it was a disgruntled former employee.

    It was a shitty day 🙂 (the joke all people at work were using all day)

    A chef at work has kindly offered to cook the food for our wedding dinner for a reasonable fee.  So yesterday after work (Nick had the day off), Nick came and we took the chef out for coffee and discussed the wedding.  It went really well and we feel very positive about the food.  It was also nice having Nick come to work…helped brighten my day a little!

    So yes…the music is the number one problem.  This weekend I need to buy plants to landscape the church patio (very bad idea for me volunteering to do this…baaaaad idea!)  I’m going to try to see the church choir sing this weekend.  Finally, Nick and I have a party to attend on Saturday night.

    Busy, busy, busy!

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    Headpiece Ideas

    Ok, this is great look!  The dress is terrible, the weird cape is terrible…but the hairpiece and veil is divine!!!

    I would love to adapt this for my wedding…but the problem is the headband is black…and you can’t wear a black headband to a wedding, and white would look weird.

    All in all, amazing hair look, a very inspiring!