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    Finally wearing an old sweater!

    I ONLY buy sweaters when they are on sale. I never pay full price. I got this sweater from Tommy Hilfiger at Macy’s for $30 last January. But I forgot about it! So the other day I was going through my box of sweaters and found it, and it’s so gorgeous. So now I have a cheap new sweater to get me through a bit of the Copenhagen cold. This sweater needs to become a ‘House Sweater’, aka a sweater I wear curled up around the house. $30 is my price point for ‘House Clothes’ or clothes that will get ruined by cats and cooking. But right now, it’s still so new and so nice I haven’t worn it around the cats yet.

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    If you’re not getting married after 2 years, dump his ass

    A man knows within 90 days of the beginning of a relationship EXACTLY where the relationship will go. He has it already planned out. He knows if you’re his wife, he knows if you’re his ‘stringer girl’, he knows if you’re one of his side plates, etc etc. He has even picked out the reason for dumping you (men will choose a woman with a flaw…just to use that flaw later on in the relationship as an escape route…make no mistake…they chose you precisely for this flaw so they wouldn’t have to commit.)

    If he hasn’t mentioned marriage within 90 days of the first date…RUN.

    My Dad proposed to my Mom after 3 months. She refused, broke up with him, and ran off to Germany. He waited until she got back, then married her.

    When a man wants to marry you, he will marry you.

    After the second date, Nick would regularly plan out his wedding speech based upon our silly email conversations. I figured since he had the wedding speech written by our 4th date, there was going to be a wedding.

    They always know.

    If a man says ‘Ha! I’m never getting married!’ Then you simply walk away and leave him to his life of pathetic loneliness. And laugh 🙂 Always laugh 🙂

    There’s a few ‘Black Swan’ exceptions to this rule—Autistic dudes…but even the exceptions to this Rule can EASILY be dragged to the alter. You just have to tell them ‘We’re getting married’ and then it’s fine.

    I’ve heard stories…mythical stories…of men who live with women for years upon end and have kids and live like married couples without being actually married.

    Well…I say these stories are ‘Mythical’ because I’ve known some of these couples:

    Couple A: was actually married, before the kids, before two years a dating, they just didn’t tell anyone. Why? I don’t know. Well they told me so, I guess a lot of people knew. But if you asked her on the street she would say ‘No, we’re not married.’

    Couple B: Man was cheating on his wife/girlfriend/whatever, and they essentially had an open-marriage. 3 Kids, totally cheating. I’m not sure she knew…but my hunch was that she does know and is totally cool with it.

    Couple C: Old Hippy couple, both not particularly attractive. And this leads to my one and only Exception to the Rule:

    The only time you can stay years and years with a guy and have kids with him and pretend to be married without being married…is if….*drumroll*

    He’s not attractive enough to get anyone else.

    That is the only time I’ve seen those relationships work. If the couple is just not that physically attractive…then they tend to stick together because…What other options do they have? No one else is going to fuck them!

    But I think we all have higher aspirations than that. So get married.

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    Matthew 7:16-20

    16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

    18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

    19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

    20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

    Yupp! Well said, Bible!

  • Decor

    Bunny Party: The First of Many!

    I bought this entire set (bunny cups, plates, mugs, and a tablecloth) from Laura Ashley in London when Nick and I went all the way back in May? June? I don’t remember! Finally I held a small brunch to use them. You will see much more of the bunny plates come Spring, as now it is November and I’m switching over to my Christmas plates 😉 But I wanted to put these photos up before I forget.

  • Fashion

    My Fall Look from Designers Remix

    I got this entire outfit at the Designers Remix Sample Sale in Copenhagen! The sweater was 400DKK and the pants 250DKK. It was a great deal, especially when you consider how expensive things are in Scandinavia. It’s a super ‘cozy’ look. I won’t lie, I haven’t worn the pants since I took these photos. But I have worn the sweater 6 times in the past 2 weeks. My friend, blogger Luxury Underpass, has a post up on wearing an item at least 30 times. Well, this sweater is currently at 8 and I bought it beginning of October. I love the entire look and I will wear the pants some more!

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    I’m a Mime (and I finally bought cropped jeans!)

    Well, let’s talk about this outfit. I am the very last person to adopt a new trend in jeans. So now that the trend is cropped jeans, I’m completely lost! I’m very curvy around my hips and butt, so anything but bootcut looks terrible on me. A few weeks ago, I stopped by the Levi’s store and tried on their sale jeans. I stumbled across this pair of black jeans and was floored! They looked…Ok? I still remember the 80s and 90s and it creeps me out to see those trends coming back. I didn’t like cropped jeans back then, and I still don’t like them now. But, I’ll go with it. It’s all about modernizing past trends and I can work with that.

    After I bought the jeans at Levi’s, I remembered a puff-sleeve wrap top on sale at MAJE, a Parisian brand. So I ran over and bought it, and just as I was leaving, I saw this cute striped t-shirt on sale and bought that too. When I got home, Nick aka Mr. Hubby, said the puff-sleep wrap top looked awful…and it did. So I just kept the t-shirt to complete this cute little outfit.

    This outfit goes with not 1 but 3 pairs of shoes I own….the Cole Haan heels pictured, a pair of black Puma sneakers, and a pair of Cole Haan loafers. So super easy to wear everyday.

    On a photography note, I’m going to bring back my Pentax camera and try different F-stops. These photos are too flat for my liking.

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    Not in Tuscany, but close

    I got this cute dress from H&M 20% off! I can imagine wearing it on vacation to Italy. For the price, you can’t go wrong. It’s good quality for H&M and it’s super wearable. I can wear this dress while cooking dinner! And that’s the goal. To look pretty all the time at an affordable price.

    The hat is also from H&M and the best purchase I have made there in my ENTIRE LIFE. The hat is so amazing I tried to buy another one, but this was the last one they had. I even checked other stores! I was so lucky, I paid $7 bucks or something.

    The espadrilles are from Boden.co.uk. I love everything at Boden and they have the greatest customer service I have ever dealt with. Such lovely people, such a lovely store. I enjoy visiting Boden in Sloan Square when I go to London. Americans, check this store out! Europeans, shipping to Europe is only 7 pounds.

    When I first bought this dress, I could barely button it up. Well, I was able to button it up the other week. That’s not a big deal, but it’s a weight loss goal achieved. My next goal is to have this dress fit ‘Loosely’ which I think will happen after 5 kg weight loss. I’m 137 lbs right now, so I need to get to 133, then 127, then 123, and finally 120! Let’s keep going!

  • Advice

    Divorce is not a way to turn your now ex-husband into a babysitter so you can have ‘Me’ time

    I think the title says it all. I’m seeing far too many women discover that they can get a divorce, and have many days ‘off’ from parenting.

    These women are divorcing perfectly good husbands and ruining their kids’ futures for NO REASON.

    Parenting every other week, or getting ‘weekends off’ is not something you should be proud of.

    Here’s the deal…when you become a parent (hopefully a stay-at-home mom), you are not going to have time to do anything you want. That’s just the way it is. You know that going into it. But here’s the deal…you get to have kids which is THE BEST THING EVER.

    Do you think I’m stupid enough to think I’m going to be writing books while having a baby(ies) or toddler(s) around? No! It’s not going to happen. And that’s okay.

    It’s ok not to accomplish ‘Things’ in this world because raising good, strong, healthy, moral kids is more important.

    This post was inspired by a facebook post from a recent divorcee talking about all the spas she’s visiting on her ‘off from parenting duty’ days.

    Ugh! Come on women!

    I know we don’t have family to help us raise kids anymore, and many women work full-time. But that’s why it’s so important not to work full-time when you have children and to figure out creative ways of getting some alone time. It’s also why you want to raise your kids to be ‘quiet’ and sit still so when you are with your children they don’t drain your energy.

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    Sinners Love to Spread Their Sin (because they can’t handle competition)

    I think it’s their favorite thing to do in life. It’s kinda sad!

    I have so many examples it’s almost unreal. I would love to list all the specific examples because then you’d really get to see the world through my eyes and maybe even reach my same conclusions. But I can’t give any specific examples, because I don’t know who reads my blog and because ratting people out is rude.

    I can say generically that people who get Divorced love to encourage others to Divorce. Divorce is like cancer, once it gets rooted in a family tree it spreads like wild fire and kills off everyone else.

    Women who get divorced (I include people who had children who didn’t make it down the aisle before breaking up in this category) for more ‘frivolous’ reasons (not cheating or affairs) tend to go after other people’s marriages. I’ve had several female divorcees take shots at my marriage. These women are in quarantine where they belong.

    Pre-marital sex is another sin people love to spread, almost gleefully. Especially to children, spreading that sin to children is great fun for them. Sexualizing young children is a sinners life goal, it validates all of their bad choices.

    I’ve committed one bad sin in my life. I committed it with a cynical knowledge of the present world and a ‘means to an end’ attitude. Do I repent? Yes. Do I encourage others to commit that sin? No. A sin only brings negative things into your life. Period.

    So why do people encourage others to sin?

    This is easy! The world is a hierarchy of people…with the best people at the top. And by ‘best people’ we don’t mean Hollywood actresses or rich people.

    Best people are intelligent, happily married to one person for 50+ years, have a ton of kids and grandchildren, good careers, an option for the mother to stay-at-home because the man earns enough to support the family, no divorce, no pre-marital sex, no previous partners, no debt, no drugs, no marijuana, no drama…etc etc etc

    Sinners are people who failed to obtain this dream and can’t admit it. They aren’t on the ‘Top of the Human Hierarchy’ and can’t deal with it. They are the B and C students who hate the A students. So instead of studying really hard for the next test, they try to get rid of the test…and sabotage the A students.

    If they can convince the A students to ‘eat the poison apple’ then there will be no A students anymore and the B and C students will become the A students.

    It’s Snow White…Snow White was the most beautiful girl in the land so the Queen tried to kill her so the Queen could be the most beautiful.

    Sinners try to eliminate their competition.

    Don’t fall for it.