Chateau St. Michelle

Our first trip to Chateau St. Michelle.  Unfortunately when these photos were taken we missed the tour and wine tasting, but we came back!  That will be another post 🙂

Nick and his muscle car…hrmph…Men!!!

The Story of Mr. T

We found Mr. Turtle when I was in high school, either when I was 14 years old (I am 35 now!)  Mr. Turtle is a California Desert Tortoise and they live forever.  They also like to run away and hibernate.  So back when I was in high school Mr. Turtle would hang out in the back yard.  One day I came home and he was gone…vanished!  We looked and looked but never found him ever again….20 years passed…no sign of turtle….but deep down inside I knew he would come back.  Then…one year ago…Mr. T walked up to my parents window and hissed for food.  He’s been in the backyard ever since.  So it was pretty cool bringing my husband to see my childhood pet!

(Make-up free photo, just came off a 16 hour international flight, wearing zinc sunscreen…no judgement)

Three Valley Gap

Three Valley Gap is a lovely family owned hotel on the Canadian Trans-Pacific Highway that I highly recommend.  We stayed there one night to break up our drive from Vancouver to Canmore.  It is still run by the children of the Gordon and Ethel Bell who built the hotel.  In the post below are photos from their very fantastic ghost town, and if we lived in Alberta Canad we would totally try to rent out the Ghost Town for an epic wedding.  It was so cool!


For Halloween, I made a shrine dedicated to our engagement 🙂  Mr. Rat helped….

We had a Halloween Party, but these were the only two photos that were not blurry!

Having a Fashion Blog Just Isn’t Fun Anymore


Dress:  A.L.C (Don’t worry, I bought it on super sale at Neiman Marcus!)

Having a fashion blog just isn’t fun anymore when you have a great boyfriend.  Why would you want to be in pictures alone?  It’s just not a good photo if your boyfriend isn’t in it!  Now all the men in the world (and lots of women) just rolled their eyes, but it’s true!  Having children must be even worse…why would you take a photo of anything but your children?  I get that, and I think it’s super cute!

As far as my blog is concerned, I’ve just been too busy to even go shopping let alone take photos in clothes and post them.  But I will try to be better starting right now!  Fashion blogging does help me be my best… I eat healthier, I go to the gym more, I take better care of my skin, and I dress better on a day to day basis which helps me make a good impression on people.  So blogging for me is not entirely an exercise in pure vanity (but close…very close hahahahahah!)

So while I work on getting my life sorted out, I will put up thousands of photos of me and Nick.  A few weeks ago, Nick and I went on a lot of short trips and I hired Groupon photographers to document our travels.  A post on that soon!  Enjoy 🙂 🙂


More photos of me and Nick in La Jolla, San Diego…on the next page!   Continue reading “Having a Fashion Blog Just Isn’t Fun Anymore”

Farewell to Summer

IMGP0187 IMGP0211 IMGP0265Jumper (Oasis)  |  Shirt (H&M)  |  Espadrilles (Magasin)

I really wanted to try a girlish jumper, so when I saw this navy jumper from Oasis on sale I had to have it!  It’s cute and comfortable.  I recently weighed myself and this summer I gained 7 pounds on top of my already gained 5 pounds…making me 12 pounds overweight.  So I have some work to do.  These photos are the last of summer in Denmark and then we switch over to Los Angeles photos, and it’s always summer in L.A.!!

I forgot the Camera Battery


Yes, I got all dressed up…I got the picnic all ready…I got Nick to drive us all the way to the beach…and when I went to turn on the camera…I realized the battery was still in the charger back home.  But on the bright side, Nick was kind enough to use the Iphone.  I had been wondering if the Iphone would ever take a good photo of me because so far I have had little luck taking a good ‘selfie’…but over 160 photos later and these turned out ok.  The Iphone really does not like my face, but I’m dedicated to finding my ‘angles’ so that I can always take a good photo with it.  IMG_0895 IMG_0901image image IMG_0937 IMG_0950 IMG_0954