I have written two novels that are available for download in the kindle store. Check them out, they were a lot of fun to write and are even more fun to read!  Enjoy!

Krissy Harrow, an equine veterinarian, has a new neighbor!
Suspicious of the mystery man next door, Krissy sneaks onto his property. But she gets into more trouble than she bargained for when Trevor Wright, a reclusive polo-playing millionaire, catches her in the act. But Trevor isn’t the only one watching…
Kentucky Charm is a witty, fast-paced, laugh-out-loud romance mystery sure to brighten up your day!

Kentucky Charm by Christine Anne Libbey

Maybe going to Russia wasn’t such a good idea…

Krissy Burns is a professional violinist with a few skeletons in her closet. Her dream comes true when she is asked by world famous composer Yenawtsky to be the solo violinist for his new symphony! Unfortunately, the moment Krissy lands in St. Petersburg she begins a downward spiral into madness…or does she? Not everything is as it seems when Krissy joins forces with Viktor and Detective Plushenko to uncover the mystery of…

Lost Symphony of the Vorovskoy Mir


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